Things To Do In Chisholm During Covid-19:

Create a Family Archive

Have you ever wanted to dig into your family heritage? Now is the perfect time with the Minnesota Discovery Center’s online class that teaches you the tricks to becoming a family historian! You’ll learn expert tips in how to organize your information and more. You can also contact MDC to get a copy of Creating Family Archives at 218-259-7959.

Taste a Little Heritage

Chisholm is home to many generations of immigrants that have impacted the taste of local cuisine.

  • Pasties are a local favorite that many miners used to eat during their lunch break on the job. Pasties are created with dough that is used to hold a bundle of hearty meats and vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, or rutabagas. The enclosed nature of the pasty allowed it to be packed in a lunch pail and eaten like a sandwich without losing part of your meal during the day. You can get a pasty at Black Bear Bakery or the local grocery store, Jubilee Foods.
  • Porketta is an Iron Range classic that can be found in almost every local community cookbook! A pork roast seasoned with a special blend of spices, porquetta can be the main course for any dinner menu to make you feel like a local. Al’s Porquetta at Chisholm’s Jubilee Foods is a great place to get one for yourself!
  • The local pubs & fusion eats are a great place to test out core Iron Range food fair in the burgers and beer categories! These local establishments are open currently at 50% capacity. Calling ahead can reserve your spot. For even more local dining options, check out our Amenities page!
    • Jim’s Sports Bar & Grill
    • T&T Dom
    • Tom & Jerry’s
    • Sidelines
  • The Italian influence of Chisholm migrants can be seen very heavily in the area of pasta and pizza! Chisholm had two noodle companies, Pasta Works and Alberto’s, for years. You can find Alberto’s noodles in stores across the Midwest for a great dinner at home. If you’re not in the mood to cook, Chisholm’s Italian restaurant and pizzerias are a great place to get started! Calling ahead for a reservation or meal pickup is definitely available to ensure your safety.
    • Valentini’s (dining and pickup available) They also sell noodles and sugo (red sauce) that can be ordered as well!
    • Choppy’s Pizza (currently pickup only)
    • Snickers Pizza & Pub (dining and pickup available)

Read & Craft Your Evening Away

Did you know the Chisholm Public Library has many different take home crafting events for kids that are available? Chisholm’s Library offers curbside pickup for its regular reading and media selection, but they also have done quite a few take & make crafts that you can call ahead to participate in as well. They have even done fun events on their Facebook page for kids to participate in. Check out their latest posts to see what activity you and your family want to take part in during your time at home!

Explore Chisholm’s Outdoor Options

Hike The Redhead Mountain Bike Park
The Redhead Mountain Bike Park is a location for bikers and walkers alike. The trail’s dips and turns are mapped out for breathtaking views while experiencing the beautiful typography of Chisholm’s reclaimed mining area. Nature walkers will love seeing the different types of rock formations, natural color contrasts of the land, and experience some of the most beautiful sites Northern Minnesota has to offer. The fat tire bike season will soon be open, so check out their Facebook Page for up-to-date trail information.

Walk The Shoreline of Chisholm’s Longyear Lake
Chisholm’s lake walk is a great place to walk with your family or dog. The City plows the lake path all winter long to ensure you’re able to appreciate the lake view from all sides of the shoreline.

Snowshoe Your Way Through Part of Chisholm’s History
Have you ever wanted to try out snowshoeing without having to get all the equipment first? During the winter months, you can rent snowshoeing equipment in Chisholm! The Minnesota Discovery Center offers a variety of options from self-guided snowshoeing adventures to guided public and private tours. Exploring the outdoors in a reclaimed mining area has some wonderful views that the whole family can enjoy. Pack up your hot cocoa thermos, and check out the snowshoeing rentals page!

Find Out About Chisholm’s Local Activities

We have so many things to do in Chisholm that we needed a whole new page to tell you about it! Check out our the Attractions & Activities page to find out all about the different year round and seasonal options that Chisholm has to offer. You will be blown away by how many different things there are to do in Chisholm for every season.

Attend Upcoming Festivals and Events

Chisholm is home to so many clubs and community organizations that there’s always something new to be aware of! Check out the Get Involved portion of our website to find out more about the different organizations that host so many great activities throughout the year. Each organization is updating their offerings based on the current COVID-19 restrictions, so make sure to check out their information for more specifics on what is currently available.