Enrolling in School & Navigating COVID-19

The Chisholm School District is currently operating in accordance with the state of Minnesota’s current COVID-19 standards, and is communicating with parents regularly via email and automated voice call regarding necessary updates. They also have a page with additional information regarding any changes to their learning structures.

The school can be reached by phone or email as in-person appointments have been limited to meet COVID-19 restrictions. You can reach them at the school website.

How to Contact the City During COVID-19

Currently, the City of Chisholm’s offices are closed and the administration staff is working from home. Contacting the department you require assistance from can be done by phone or email on the city’s website.

Hear About What’s Going On

Connect with the Chamber of Commerce to hear about the current happenings within the community. Your relocating experience will be greatly enriched by hearing about all the ways you and your family can experience Chisholm. Call them today to set up a welcome appointment!

Getting Involved With The Community

The Chisholm community is almost bursting at the seams with places for you to get involved. Whether it’s through the many school volunteering activities such as booster clubs, and youth sports to local recreation leagues and community organizations. Check out our Get Involved page to find out more about all of the great ways you can get connected in the local community. This page also has many resource links to the information regarding the different ways organizations are working to navigate the safety concerns of COVID-19.

Connecting With The Local Library During COVID-19

The Chisholm Public Library is a part of the Arrowhead Library System. They are currently offering curbside pickup times for all selections, and can be ordered over the phone or online using your library card. For assistance registering for a new library card, contact the library staff.

The library also has consistently been updating their Facebook page with many at home opportunities for kids and adults to participate in. Their take & make curbside craft pickups have been a hit with the local community, and they regularly post photos of new books in circulation for you to request.

EV Charging Stations

The Chisholm community values their environment, and seeks to continue to make the world a better place. The City of Chisholm has worked to stay ahead of the need for public charging stations. They are proud to announce new locations have been installed and are set to be available in the parking lot behind Tom & Jerry’s! It may still have yet to be documented on digital charging location maps, but we have them, and are excited to offer them to our community.