What Chisholm MN Has to Offer New Businesses

The City of Chisholm has many incentive programs available through the Economic Development Agency for new businesses choosing to locate in Chisholm. From rebate programs for rent & mortgage payments, to loan funding options for a variety of business needs, check out the Economic Development page on the City of Chisholm website for details on what is currently available and what you need to apply!

The Chisholm EDA also works regularly with additional loan and grant partners across the region and state. Talking with them about your business goals can be a great place to receive support in accessing funding opportunities, getting connected with other area resources, and so much more! 

Chisholm Area Chamber of Commerce offers support to all local businesses through their email newsletter blasts and personal referrals. You don’t have to be a member to receive their newsletter, and it’s a great place to hear information that the city is hoping to communicate quickly to local businesses about upcoming opportunities. Over the years, the Chamber has worked to obtain grant funding for assistance to local small businesses. There are always new opportunities at the Chamber for businesses to connect or find resources they may be in need of. Don’t hesitate to reach out to them for a great networking opportunity and to hear about the constantly updating opportunities that come available within our area!

Who Can I Contact Regarding Starting a Business in Chisholm?

The Chisholm Economic Development Authority Coordinator, Stephanie Skraba, assists businesses and individuals looking to create commerce in Chisholm. Stephanie can work with you to ensure you have the necessary resources and expertise to ensure your business is successful in Chisholm.

Contact Information:

Phone: (218) 254-7960


How Chisholm Is Supporting Business and Industry

The City of Chisholm has worked extensively to collaborate with local partners such as the Department of Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation, the Chisholm Area Chamber of Commerce, the Chisholm Community Foundation, and the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development to navigate support to our local businesses through the COVID-19 period as well as plan for long term economic development and resilience through industry diversification. In alignment with the ARDC Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy and the City’s own CDP, we aim to bring high quality broadband access to all businesses within the Chisholm community, make funding resources available for growth, and develop housing opportunities for relocation. The City of Chisholm and Chisholm EDA/CDA has continuously communicated with local businesses about grant opportunities and funding resources to support them through the current economic climate. Many of these partnering organizations are still currently in the process of seeking additional funding opportunities and applying for grants that can allow economic resilience and diversification to the community long term.

In opening the Redhead Mountain Bike Park during 2020, the City has worked extensively with the Minnesota Discovery Center, Iroc, and the IRRRB to ensure the park could be accessible to visitors and residents during the summer of 2020. This soft opening, allowed community members access to a COVID safe experience for their families, and started to bring new tourists to the community. This diversification move has brought over 20,000 visitors to the community during the summer and fall months of 2020, and has given a small support boost to local businesses who are still seeing the financial impacts of COVID-19.

The City of Chisholm has also procured the support of a mountain biking expert to educate and prepare local businesses for the grand opening of the trail scheduled for the summer of 2021.